Deco style in the interior

Deco style 8

One of the most popular destinations in the interior design, which is used for decades known as Art Deco. Many designers find it attractive style for the interior design, which is vaguely reminiscent of a mixture neoklassichekogo style with modernity. History of style The original art deco was used as a purely decorative style in […]

Causes of Depression


After the departure of summer clear of days and with the onset of gloomy dank autumn, the multitude of sensitive natures begins autumn depression. But is the cause of the spleen is the weather? Very often, even when the weather is good people suffer from depression. Ironically the reason may be hidden in food. There […]

Medicine for Depression


Ketamine is a drug which is being used in the United States to treat cases of depression however the effect of using it long term still remain unknown. Usage of ketamine is an experimental treatment for those who were not affected by other antidepressants. The bonus point of this drug however is that while other […]

Unique Christmas Dresses 2015

Bright Red Dress for Christmas3

Bright Red Dress for Christmas Dress from the collection 2015, it was created specifically for the Christmas Eve. The length of the “on the floor”, and a large section of a V-shaped neckline complemented by a delicate decoration belt that looks like a shiny snowflakes. The deep neckline will be popular next year, look here […]

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